First evidence of a delay-dependent working
memory-enhancing effect of modafinil in mice

Beracochea D, Cagnard B, Celerier A,
le Merrer J, Peres M, Pierard C.
Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives,
Universite de Bordeaux I,
UMR CNRS 5601,
Talence, France.
Neuroreport 2001 Feb 12,;12(2):375-8


This study investigated the effects of pretest injection of modafinil on delayed spontaneous alternation rates (SA) used to evaluate working memory in C57 Bl/6 mice. In a first experiment, systemic modafinil at 64 mg/kg, but not at 8 mg/kg or 32 mg/kg doses produced a significant increase of alternation scores (intertrial interval (ITI) 60s) when compared with controls. In a second experiment, modafinil (64 mg/kg) enhanced the alternation rates mainly at long (60 s and 180 s) but not at short (5 s) ITIs. Exploratory latencies and activity in a four hole-board apparatus were not modified by modafinil administration. These experiments are the first to demonstrate a delay-dependent working memory-enhancing effect of modafinil.

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